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Environmental Management Systems

Video - Port Authority NY/NJ Showcases a Successful EMS

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American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) EMS site

Related Resources

An Environmental Management System (EMS) Primer for Ports: Advancing Port Sustainability (Jan. 2008) A 55 page guide prepared for EPA in partnership with the AAPA.

Environmental Management Systems: Systematically Improving your Performance (Sept. 2004). An 8 page fact sheet highlighting ports in the U.S. that are developing an EMS.

Manual of Best Management Practices For Port Operations And Model Environmental Management System (Jan 2009)

AAPA & GETF EMS Assistance Project

3rd Port Ems Assistance Project: Project Overview and Application Guidelines

AAPA 3rd Round EMS (Mar. 2008)

EMS Presentation

EMS for Ports. This is a power point presentation that highlights the basic EMS concepts. Ask for a 30 minute window at your next managers meeting and use this power point presentation as a tool to showcase the EMS idea. Provide them with a copy of the 8 page fact sheet (above).