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This port sector tool was developed in partnership between the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 2 with the support and assistance from the Port Compliance Assistance Focus Group consisting of industry, federal, and state regulatory agencies.

Special appreciation to the following: Port Authority NY/NJ and the Port of Oakland, CA for the opportunity to tour their ports and gain insight on the various port operations; and EPA Region 2 summer intern, Jessie Mee (2008), for her diligence and innovative research findings, The Border Center Paul Chalmer, George Cushine, and Lisa Day Burbaugh for their many hours communicating and developing this web site; and Martha Klimas of Bridgeport Port Authority for volunteering to present at the 2009 National Environmental Summit.
Throughout this web site are pictures of ports and we'd like to thank the following ports for providing photos: Port Authority of NY/NJ; Boston's Massport; Bridgeport Port Authority; Port of New Bedford, MA.

Port Compliance Assistance Focus Group and Tool Development

Background: The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) created and maintains the Border Center providing easy access to compliance information regarding environmental issues involved in moving materials and wastes across national borders in North America. Through a collaborative approach, NCMS and EPA augmented the Border Center to include information and resources for the port sector. Through the EPA Strategy for Sustainable Ports, EPA Region 2, with the assistance of EPA Region 1 and EPA Region 3 supported the developments of tools to help the port sector better understand their responsibilities with federal environmental regulations. Feedback obtained from EPA Region 2's Port Compliance Assistance Focus Group (tenants, authorities, associations) and neighboring EPA regions 1 and 3 will continue to support the development and maintenance of the Port Compliance Website.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact:

Lisa Strobierski
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

The EPA Border Center: The Border Center is a national compliance assistance center (e.g. web site) which is funded by EPA and managed by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. The Border Center web site is http://www.bordercenter.org/. Other EPA Compliance Assistance Centers can be found at http://www.complianceassistance.net/.